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Traveling — the movement in any territory or water area with the purpose of their study, as well as with educational, sports and other purposes.

What comes to mind first when you say the word «journey»? Buying profitable plane tickets? Unforgettable Instagram sunsets? Mountain crossings with heavy backpacks? Any journey can be exciting, and adventurous — and much more than just sip «Margarita» on the sun-drenched beach.

A business trip to New York, a family holiday in Morocco, or a bold decision to quit (and sell) everything and live for months on wheels — going on a long journey, we leave the usual comfort zone. In addition, even a very detailed plan does not negate surprises that happen all the time. Plunging into another culture and lifestyle, we learn to solve problems in an unfamiliar situation, which makes us more flexible, patient, and emotionally strong, as a result of which we increase our self-esteem.

Agree, it is much easier to make new friends on a journey than by moving along the usual work-home route. Your airplane neighbor on the way to London may become your husband, a fellow traveler on the excursion tour of Machu Picchu may become your future employer, and the sweet girl with whom you ordered solitary cocktails at a Chicago bar can be your lifelong friend. All of these are real stories that can happen to you.

Sincere friendliness does not depend on the level of well-being and easily evokes mutual feeling — seeing the broad smiles on the faces of residents of Laotian or Filipino villages, it is impossible not to smile back. Well, if this habit becomes a faithful companion — the world deserves to spread an epidemic of positive.

Leaving familiar surroundings and close people, for a long time or not, we learn to appreciate them more. No one will listen to stories about adventures in faraway countries with such attention as friends and relatives, ready for the love of us to endure enthusiastic monologues about the wonders of the planet. Well, then, an amazing moment of meeting after separation always gives special emotions.

Regardless of what we do while traveling, it fills life with experience and knowledge, be it Taiwanese cooking classes, Spanish lessons in Colombia, diving in the Maldives or yoga in Goa. Brains work more actively, adrenaline rush in the blood, every day makes us happier — according to the findings of psychologists, this is a natural process when we learn what we find pleasant.

Not everyone uses this chance, but, nevertheless, there are still amazingly beautiful places on the planet where Wi-Fi and mobile communications do not reach. Traveling without access to the network is good because it allows you to enjoy the moment «here and now», forgetting about annoying messages and distracting likes. Try it — it is sobering and helps to listen to your true feelings and desires.

A traveler is one who makes or has traveled.

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