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My hobby

My hobby

My hobbysinging. I really like to sing, and I’m good at it. My hobby for music and singing came about thanks to my mom. She was very fond of listening to good music and I listened with her. From early childhood I sang everywhere; in the house, on the street, in the city transport.

I sang too much. Sometimes they asked me to just shut up, but I could not restrain myself. So they decided to give me to a music school. The first teacher in academic vocal was Galina An…….na B…vik. I liked to go to her classes, then I went to elementary school. We practiced with her songs from favorite Soviet films and cartoons. I enjoyed going to all classes with great pleasure, and I did not miss a single one.

I wanted to learn how to sing, like Khvorostovsky. Gradually, my repertoire became more diverse, like my musical preferences. The songs I sang were of different genres and musical styles: classical, folk, pop, rock, jazz. I had to sing in different languages: Latin, English, Spanish, French, and Italian. He sang a duet, in a choir and even with an ensemble of folk instruments. I took part in contests, festive concerts. We were invited to speak at various regional events.

The last few years I do not sing and I really miss.

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