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Планета Земля – наш дом

Планета Земля – наш дом

Earth – is our home. Perhaps this is the only inhabited planet in the vast universe. Does it not deserve our love?
Is it not worthy of all our ingenuity, courage and generosity, which we are only capable of in our great desire to protect it from destruction, exhaustion and death?
Alas, but today we are surrounded by a lot of evidence of how a person acts not as a cautious land user, but as a self-confident landowner. People have forgotten that their cradle is in fact very small, and they don’t want to understand how fragile and unique is the life that pulsates on it.
Our planet is seriously ill, the troubles of future environmental disasters are knocking on the doors and windows of the house of humanity, and people have lost their ears: absorbed in pursuit of superprofits, in search of a piece of bread for lunch, cutting down forests, burning coal and fuel oil, poisoning the soil with a pesticide, killing a mother Earth, forgetting that the bills of fathers will have to pay the children.

Do we realize that over the past four centuries, more than 60 species of mammals and more than 100 species of birds have disappeared irrevocably in the world?
What lakes and inland seas, such as the Baltic, Black, Mediterranean, are under the threat of uncontrolled pollution and loss of marine fauna? While you are reading these lines, a hundred hectares of forest have been cut down on Earth, and the forest is the lungs of our planet. People were so carried away by the conquest of nature that they did not notice how there were less fish in the rivers and birds and animals in the forests.
The air in the cities has become suffocating and dirty due to the exhaust gases of cars, the smoke of factories and boiler houses. Drinking water has lost its freshness and purity, has become dangerous to use because of its saturation with acids, heavy metals, and other harmful substances. We are drowning in garbage — a hotbed of dirt and disease.
Of course, it is good that our civilization is developing, our life is becoming much improved, but it is worth remembering that all the resources of the planet need to be spent wisely and take care of the cleanliness of our planet.
Man cannot live outside the Earth. It covers us from the radiation of the Sun with its atmosphere and gives us oxygen, which is vital for our existence.
Man is very small compared to the planet and often forgets that he is part of the Earth itself. People arrange wars, deprive of life, sometimes even whole cities, dropping atomic bombs on them. After all, in this way, people harm not only the planets, but also themselves. They deprive themselves of the only thing that gives them life.
On Earth, as we should know, everything is interconnected. Every bird and every leaf. If a person somewhere has drained a lake or river, then in another part of the planet a flood will begin, and everything will flood with water. Earth is our common home and it is given to us not only for our own purposes, but also in order to learn something new, to study and maintain in it the balance of all living things.

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