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Спорт и здоровье

Спорт и здоровье

Modern life is designed so that man was comfortable living. Buses, subways, cars all this helps a person live, get to work. And in addition, there were smartphones, computers that are so attracted to spend all their free time. Thus, the modern man reduced motor abilities.

The functional abilities of the person are reduced, frequent fractures, fragile bones. Yes, a sedentary lifestyle leads to fractures, since the blood circulation of the bone tissue deteriorates, as a result of which the bone tissue is not fully supplied with nutrients. Muscles become flabby, and the number of muscles decreases, but the amount of fat in the body increases.

Fat replaces the muscles in the body. But the lack of movement in the same way affects the internal organs of man. The heart muscle stops working in full capacity, the vessels and respiratory system deteriorate. Due to the deterioration of the performance of all organs leads to chronic diseases.

Sport affects human health. And in some cases, sports are one of the easily accessible types of physical activity. After all, no one bothers in the morning or in the evening to do jogging or jumping rope. In a man laid nature, to play sports.

Sports achievements are possible thanks to several psychophysical qualities of a person, which include strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and agility. The general name of these qualities suggests that they are carried out with the help of psychological and physical resources of the body, that is, the interaction of mind and body. Of all five indicators, agility is the most versatile. It is unique and individual in each. At the same time, it cannot be measured as strength, speed or endurance, but it can contribute to their improvement. Dexterity can be divided into two types: motor (instantaneous and precise movements) and mental (timely speed of thought and resourcefulness), and both options are controlled by the central nervous system, and therefore are strongly connected with each other. Dexterity is necessary for many sports, because if it is developed at a high level, then all movements are performed much more efficiently, which allows us to achieve excellent results. This quality is manifested in all differently. Someone has an increased dexterity from nature, while others need to perform certain exercises in order to develop this skill in them. There are 4 ways to improve physical and mental agility.

Regular training in all sports, where active movements are made, greatly enhances the function of dexterity. The athlete learns to respond instantly to all sorts of changes in the environment, maintaining normal coordination, balance and speed, with the result that he acts better and more accurately. However, it should be emphasized that a particularly high-quality development of dexterity occurs when all movements are studied so that they are performed simply automatically. For this it is necessary to study the movements separately, dividing them into complexes and not mixing with each other. We are talking about any active sport. When the technique of running, swimming, tennis, skiing, boxing, etc. studied to the maximum, there is a new level of skill that allows you to more effectively own your body and win

One of the manifestations of dexterity is an instant reaction to changes in external factors. Exercises with miniature balls (tennis or skipjack) train the reaction well, as they constantly have to react sharply to their rapidly changing flight path. Throwing the ball 

against the wall and picking them up in the air with strictly right or left hand, dribbling the ball in basketball style or usual beating from the floor with the same subsequent selection in the air with the right or left hand, as well as juggling balls perfectly develop agility. As for juggling, for the beginning it is better to use two balls and juggle with two hands. When the exercise starts to get better, you can switch to a one-sided option, that is, learn to juggle with one hand with two balls. Well, at the next stage we complicate the first method and try to juggle with three balls in two hands. If you regularly perform this exercise, the reaction will definitely improve.

The speed of agility depends on the speed of the brain, when you can instantly assess the situation and perform the necessary precise movements. Today there are a large number of special programs for the development of cognitive functions. When it comes to increasing dexterity and, accordingly, brain activity for this, in these applications it is better to choose a type of games that develops speed and flexibility of thinking, which is very important for the desired task.

None of the above methods will work as efficiently as possible if there is no full sleep (7-8 hours) and rest, because for increased dexterity the central nervous system, in particular, the brain, should be actively functioning. Therefore, in the process of their training, it i

s necessary to pay attention not only to physical or mental stress, but also timely recovery of the body. Then the results will fully comply with all the labor invested.

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